what is the HonkCoin?

The Goose Vision

A group of individuals, who want to bring attention to the Solana ecosystem, We want to bring the community together, To build and develop and help grow the Solana ecosystem, We will not be a centralized project, We will give full freedom to the community to lead the project wherever it wants, We will unite the community to be stronger and cohesive always and provide support in the way the Goose see fit

what is the Honk meme?

The Honk meme is a viral internet meme that features a still image of a car horn, accompanied by a caption that encourages the viewer to press the horn. The image is often edited to include different text or images, and it is often used in jokes and other forms of online humor. The meme became popular in early 2021.

The Honk meme often features an image of a goose, which is a bird species found in various parts of the world. The goose is often used in the meme to represent a sense of annoyance or irritation. The caption is usually in the format of “When you see [something or someone] honk” or “Honk if you [something]”. For example, a common variation of the meme features a goose with the caption “When you see a pedestrian in the crosswalk, honk” or “Honk if you hate pedestrians”. The goose is often used to make jokes about different situations or to express a certain emotion.

when was the HonkCoin Launched?

it was on 19.Jan.2023

How i can Buy it?

you can buy on a DEX Raydium from this Link 




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